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LURE is a modern media company comprised of a communications agency, a production studio and an editorial platform.

LURE’s editorial platform creates original documentary series and independent journalistic content. A 360-degree storytelling approach brings together multiple perspectives. We work with local partners who provide on-the-ground knowledge and expertise. We are passionately against parachute journalism and believe in supporting local media and giving people a platform to tell their own stories. This innovative partnership model allows us to tell authentic stories from diverse cultures around the world.

Our agency develops strategic creative campaigns together with its partners, utilizing both traditional channels and multimedia platforms. Our in-house production studio creates vivid television spots, print campaigns, out-of-home materials and digital video with a focus on in-depth storytelling.

Based in Berlin, LURE is 100-percent independently owned and operated, and draws inspiration from its vast global network of creative collaborators. We are dedicated to company diversity, equal pay and business transparency, and are an employee profit-sharing company.



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